About MobiTalents


I’m Pavel – the Founder and Administrator of “MobiTalents – relocate to Nordics as Tech, IT Engineering, Data or Digital professional” website.

I’m fan of Nordic countries, but I’m not originally from one of them. I’m from a non-EU European country, fist moved to Finalnd to study at university and after some time moved to Sweden for work. I also often visit Norway.

It wasn’t easy to find an interesting job and an employer that would provide me with work and residence permit. It took a lot of time… Because there were no such portal as MobiTalents back then. And both it was a question for me and as it is for other professionals: there are a lot of companies and jobs, but how to find exactly those ones employers that are ready to hire a foreigner and help with working visa

I work as a Tech industry Recruiter now and help companies from Sweden Finland and Norway find and onboard different Tech and Digital professionals. It is often hard to find relevant people at the local labor market. Demand for Tech talents is huge. And employers often ready to seach for talents abroad, provide them work and residence permits and help with relocation. But it is often the question – how to find those brilliant professionals abroad that really want to move to either Finland or Sweden or Norway.

I created and manage MobiTalents website to let Nordic companies and Tech professionals easily find each other, relocate and start working together. Nowadays we publish jobs open to 2 types of candidates – to anybody (with provision of working and residence permit) and to only EU/EEA citizens (EU + Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein).


If you have any inquiries or wish to publish your jobs on MobiTalents as an employers – please, feel free to reach me on LinkedIn or via email pavel@mobitalents.com