Scandinavian countries & Finland offer great life and work opportunities for IT professionals

Why MobiTalents?

Hi! I am Pavel (or Paul, how my friends call me) – the Founder and Senior Recruiter at MobiTalents. I was passionate about tech industry and Nordic countries both. And I’ve decided to set up a specialized recruitment agency which connects great tech talents from all over the world with brilliant Swedish, Norway, Danish and Finish tech companies and startups. And here we are!

We are people from “the industry”. I and my colleagues had been working in international tech companies and startups before starting MobiTalents business for a decade. And what is very important not only as HR Managers, but at other positions as well. We took our experience, industry knowledge and understanding of the needs of tech companies and decided to provide the best international recruitment service at an affordable price. And that is what we actually do now.

We love Scandinavia & Finland having been born abroad. I specifically was born and grew up in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, but studied in Helsinki School of Economics, and have spent much time in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. I love these countries and as a foreigner really feel and know how to attract other foreign greatest IT professionals here.

We have unique access to a pool of experienced IT & Digital talents who are ready to relocate to Nordic countries. Among our sources of candidates, there are two that other recruiters just usually don’t access to. 1) Our background and the established network of contacts allow us to effectively source candidates from all the “post-soviet” countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic states and others), which is a really “lucrative” source of IT talents. 2) We run our “Relocate to Nordics” fun pages which brings us a number of tech candidates who a willing to relocate to Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Finland. All together with traditional IT sourcing tools, they give us an advantage over other recruiters.

  • Candidates: MobiTalents - is a specialized recruitment agency that helps professionals to find jobs abroad and relocate. We specifically work with Nordic countries - Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. We connect Scandinavian and Finnish tech companies with talents like you. On the MobiTalents website, you can find tech and non-tech jobs both. All the positions are for relocation. Or if you are already in the country where a position is open - it is ok 🙂 Employers which we represent are ready to hire foreigners. Have a look at our list of vacancies offered by Nordic companies. All positions are marked with the information about required languages. You will also see whether an employer provides visa sponsorship and helps with relocation to a candidate if needed. Find job in Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Finland and relocate with MobiTalents

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