Freelance Recruiter? MobiTalents lets you monetize your recrutment activities via sharing candidates with hundreds of employers on pay-per-hire basis

MobiTalents is a hiring platform. We cooperate with freelance recruiters - on the one hand, and with employers - on the other. Recruiters may share experienced candidates they know and earn commission if one of employers hire a candidate.

All the collaboration with employers are done by MobiTalents team.

What you get with MobiTalents:

  1. The opportunity to monetize your candidates database and day-to-day interviewing activities. MobiTalents lets you offer each decent candidate you meet (that doesn’t fit your current projects) to a number of employers and earn recruitment commission if any of your candidates are hired by one of them.
  2. The tool to “sell” your candidates to many different employers. Do your recruitment job and forget about searching for new clients, sales and dealing with employers. Just sign one agreement with MobiTalents and “have access” to hundreds of employers. All the process of dealing with employers is managed by our team.
  3. Access to foreign markets. If you have candidates that are willing to relocate to another country or are ready to work remotely for a foreign company – MobiTalents is a great tool. We cooperate with employers from different countries. So – you will have an opportunity to offer your candidates to foreign employers.

Currently, we are focused on high-skilled and extremely demanded IT, Tech & Digital talents willing to be employed on a remote or international relocation basis.

Software Developers, DevOps Engineers, Big Data & Machine Learning Engineers (middle level and higher);

User Acquisition Managers, ASO Managers (senior level and higher).

MobiTalents takes care of all the processes of dealing with employers. As our recruitment partner, you hand over your candidates to us (having signed a partnership agreement with MobiTalents) and relax waiting for your referral commission. When any of our employers hire your candidate and pays for it – you get your part of the recruitment (referral) commission.

Your referral commission is going to be 50% of what MobiTalents gets from employers. No guarantee applied. We charge employers an equivalent of one monthly salary of an employee. 50% of that sum – 10 working days after the first day of work of the hired candidate. Another 50% – after 3 months (if everything is ok with him/her). So you get half of the commission right after an employer has paid it to MobiTalents.

“Your candidates” are “pinned” to you as to our recruitment partner for a year. That means that you anyway get your referral commission if any of employers hire your candidate via MobiTalents during the 1st year after you have handed over him/her to us.

More info regarding the process of collaboration with MobiTalents we will share with you at an acquaintance call that we can organize after your reach us filling in the form below. You can also reach us using our Contacts.

We will reach you back using your contact information in order to set up a call, get acquainted and discuss our potential partnership.