MobiTalents’ Plans & Pricing


Free Trial





Pay per Posting



You get 3 job/offer postings. Each one up to 60 days live on MobiTalents

Just send us the drafts of your job or partnership offer descriptions. We will "polish" them and publish on


Sales professionals and local firms based in targeted countries will see your jobs/offers and apply for them 

You will receive those applications at your email. Then - just go on with your usual hiring and onboarding process

We can additionally crate a special "About your company page" on MobiTalents. This page will help promote your company among foreign professionals and local businesses and facilitate your international expansion

Run the process on your own and have total control over the budget

Pay per Hire



We proactively reach relevant professionals and promote them your company and a job

Each candidate will receive the job description + a prerecorded video with a narrative about your business and the role (this video can be created by us)

Candidates will be asked to record their own videos with self-sales pitches regarding why they fit your position

We will forward you relevant candidates' CVs and their videos. You will be able to proceed with those candidates on your own then

If you hire our candidate you pay us €500 after 2 weeks of his/her work for your company. Then you pay us 10% of the new hire's annual gross fix salary in case if he/she passes a 90 days probation period (the minimum fee is €1000)

You don't pay anything unless you have hired a professional and tested him/her for 2 weeks

Partnership Posting



We will publish your jobs and partnership offers on for free

In exchange, we expect you to make 3 reposts of your jobs/offers published on MobiTalents in your social networks - either corporate or personal (LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook)

We will "polish" you jobs/offers and will make them look really stylish - even your own followers will be intrigued to check them out

The great thing is that your job ads will also reach relevant professionals in other countries due to MobiTalents' network effect 

We cooperate with many companies based in different countries. Most of them make these "shares" in social networks. As a result, sales professionals are reached around the world, and companies help each other via cross-promo mechanics

A win-win solution for all of us. It is free and easy to handle. Time-limited proposal

Special Offer