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Hey, are you looking for a job abroad and willing to relocate to a new country?

Explore your international career opportunities in new countries We will connect you with foreign employers and will help to relocate.

MobiTalents is a specialized international recruitment agency. We mainly focus on IT, Tech & Digital fields professional fields and represent companies and startups from all over the world.

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Every week we have new job openings. Even if there is nothing relevant for you among our current vacancies right now, something interesting can appear in the nearest future.

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One of our key geographical focus regions is Nordic & Baltic states

Scandinavian countries together with Finland (Nordics) are on the highest ranks in the world in terms of quality of life. Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) – may offer you great opportunities for a work-life balance and are the best ones in Europe in terms of quality of life / price of live ratio.

At the same time in the modern global world, boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred every year. Our generation has the opportunity to choose not only what to do, but also where to live. Now it is not necessary to tie yourself to one location for the whole life. We have the opportunity to change the places of residence. You can find a new job and move to other cities and countries. This statement is especially relevant if you are a specialist in Tech, IT or Digital.

Of course, there are possible restrictions that can influence the choice of a place of residence – the need to have permission to live and work in a particular country, as well as the knowledge of the local language. Among vacancies offered by MobiTalents there are jobs with residence and work permit granted by employers to foreign specialists. Besides, all our positions are marked with information regarding the languages a candidate should speak to apply for a position. If we take into account Nordis and Baltic countries – English will be almost always enough.

Browse our current job openings to find something suitable for you, apply for it, and have fun. Life is great!