How to find a job in Germany for a foreigner

Finding a job for a foreigner in Germany can be complicated.

Yes, there are traditional job boards, but they have their “cons”:

  1. It is not always clear from a job posting whether a company is ready to help a new employee with relocation (transport, housing, adaptation programs…).
  2. Nowadays, there are a lot of high-qualified candidates from beyond the European Union and they need a visa (residence permit) and work permit in Germany in order to be in the country and work there. Whether an employer is ready to help an employee with a visa (residence permit) and work permit is often unclear when you browse traditional job boards.
  3. Required language. There are plenty of companies in Germany (especially in Tech industry) which are ready to hire professionals just with fluent English. Others, on the contrary, require a certain level of Deutsch from an employee. This information is not always clear when browsing traditional job boards.

These three obstacles usually make the process of finding a new job in Germany for a foreigner rather complicated. I know it from my own experience.

And here is my advice regarding finding a job in Germany for relocation:

  1. Decide which industry you want to work in. If you are an English speaking professional probably you should put your eye on IT and Tech industry. Tech companies nowadays do global business, they have clients around the world and they have multinational teams. So English language is usually the main language of communication within such companies and with clients in Tech industry. Other industries are not so multinational. You should always find out while applying for a job whether it is ok for a company from a non-Tech industry that you don’t speak German language.
  2. Choose the city you would like to live in. All regions in Germany have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, Berlin is a real melting-pot – multinational and comparably cheap place to live. It is a vibrant city with a lot of up-and-coming companies. The city has a lot of career opportunities for English speaking foreigners. At the same time, people say that “Berlin – is not real Germany”. And it could be really comfortable for young people below 40 to be based there, but not the best fit for middle-aged families with children.
  3. Draw up and furnish your resume. Making your resume in a right way is not easy. Probably it will take you several days to draw up it correctly pointing out all the things that could be important for an employer.
  4. Find job openings – MobiTalens Job Board is the best source for positions which are open for foreigners in Germany. Here all jobs are marked with special tags. And you can see if it is ok that you don’t speak German, if an employer offers visa and work permit support and others.
  5. Apply for the jobs that fit you.

We wish your dreams come true and you get the best job
in the finest location!