Coronavirus opens great opportunities on the international labor market

Spring 2020. We live in a new reality. Borders are closed. There is no clarity regarding when they are going to be opened. But they will be surely.

What is happening in the international labor market? Well, relocations have been halted. Companies don’t hire foreigners for purposes of relocation right now. It is just no opportunities for that and no clarity when all that will finish.

But there are great opportunities for remote cross-border employments. Online, Tech and Digital businesses are active as never before. And if some companies have hesitated to hire foreign remote employees previously – now they start to be open to such kind of options.

Look. There were a lot of employers that really wanted all their employees to be at work specifically in the office. They wished it in order to have daily face to face communication and control the process. And now, as the world has changed, companies have to deal with remote employees. And due to that, it is not as important anymore as it has been before to live in the city and the country where the office of a company is placed.

We in MobiTalents (and a lot of experts) think that coronavirus is a catalysator for remote employment growth. BUT what we see as an international recruitment agency – is that COVID-19 will also accelerate cross-border remote employment growth! And that is a real chance for all of us either to start or evolve our international career.

MobiTalents will help employers to find remote foreign professionals. And candidates – to get a god remote job in a foreign company.