How to Use MobiTalents and Get Value from it

MobiTalents – is an international marketplace that helps businesses enter new markets, find new foreign customers, and increase their international sales.

Companies publish their foreign sales jobs and sales partnership offers on MobiTalents in order to either find and hire sales and business development managers in foreign locations, or find foreign local-based firms that could become sales partners, resellers, agents and etc.

Sales Professionals that consider options of being recruited by foreign employers visit MobiTalents website often and browse jobs searching for some relevant and interesting positions. They apply for the jobs published by Companies on MobiTalents. Companies receive applications on their email and are free to contact those candidates that look interesting with their CVs.

Local Firms have networks of contacts and existing client bases that could be effectively monetized in cooperation with foreign vendors/producers/service providers. New international sales partnership opportunities can be found on MobiTalents as well. Via our platform, almost every company may find a foreign partner to cooperate with.

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