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MobiTalents helps companies make international expansion through hiring specific local sales professionals or finding regional resellers and business partners at foreign markets

Do you want to set up your business presence in a new geographical market? Are you willing to acquire new foreign clients? Are you thinking about hiring an experienced sales professional with the knowledge of the local market and the right network of contacts there? Or maybe you are willing to set up a reselling or representative partnership with an established local firm in a region of interest that has an existing network of contacts with your potential clients?

Before – it was quite complicated and challenging. Now – you have MobiTalets!

We are the first professional marketplace that focuses on sales and business development jobs and specialists in the international context. We connect employers with the right talents in other countries which they need for international business expansion and growth.

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With MobiTalents international business expansion has never been so easy before

Are you an employer? Using our platform you have opportunities to:

Establish your Business Presence in a New Region

Are you going to expand your business internationally? Do you need someone to represent your company and make sales in a foreign market being in charge of a specific geographical region? With MobiTalents it is easy to find local remote sales professionals in other countries, cities, and regions. Just post your job, specifying the location where you are looking for an employee, indicate required languages the person should speak, and other “must have” background and skills.

Expand your Foreign Sales Office with a New Hire

Do you already have an oversees local office and is planning to grow your sales team there? Use MobiTalens to reach high-skilled business development professionals in the area. Specialists that use MobiTalents as candidates are your target audience. They are sales professionals that are willing to work at an international company or a startup, usually speak English well, and are quite self-sustained which is important for a member of an international distributed sales team.

Find and Hire Location-Free Sales Professional

Does the specific of your international business not require an exact location of the sales team? Do you just need talented remote business development professionals with a unique experience and the right network of contacts? This type of sales model is becoming more and more popular in our digital world. With MobiTalents you can find unique international sales specialists based in different parts of the world that will generate sales and bring you new foreign customers.

Find Local Sales Agents and Business Partners

There could be a case that you don’t need an employee in a foreign location, but want to establish a partnership with a local agency / sales house / business partner / reseller to represent your company and sell its products or services in a specific geographical region. Via MobiTaents you can find different foreign local agents and firms that already have an existing client base and a presence at a market. They will be ready to represent / sell / distribute your products there.

We live in a new reality – more and more industries are becoming global. And labor markets follows the trend. It has started with IT professionals some time ago when companies started to hire remote software engineers or outsource this function to foreign developers.

Time has passed and nowadays every second company wishes not only to develop but to sell its services/products/solutions internationally. In order to do it effectively, companies need business development managers and sales agents with the knowledge of local languages, markets, clients and etc. The overriding trend is to hire salespeople with all these “assets” in those locations/countries/regions of interests that businesses are willing to have a presence at.

Hired foreign local sales professionals usually work on a remote basis from a home office or a co-sharing office space. In some companies, it could be also an option of joining a small local team that has already been established.

COVID-19 influences the way international sales are made today... And MobiTalents handle this challenge

International business travel is suspended, conferences and trade shows are banned

Before: Companies had sales teams located in head offices. Sales managers traveled a lot to reach foreign clients and set up smooth relationships with them. International conferences and trade shows were the main points of contact with foreign customers and partners. Businesses spent large sums of money on all those international sales activities…

From now on: COVID-19 Coronavirus epidemic influences the ways of doing business. A large amount of office employees has started to work from home. Remote employment option is getting more and more popular. But one of the greatest influences the Coronavirus epidemic has on international sales processes. Borders are closed and all international conferences and trade fairs are canceled. They were the main point of sales for B2B companies that do international business. And it seems that we going to live in such new circumstances for a lasting period of time…

MobiTalents is the cross-border salespeople hiring platform that to overcome all these issues and facilitates international talent search and business development in foreign markets. Usage of our platform helps companies in the new COVID and post-COVID times find sales and business development managers abroad + local resellers and effectively reach foreign markets.

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