MobiTalents provides Tech & Digital professionals with opportunities to get dream jobs in international context on remote or relocation basis

We source, interview, pre-select and sort Tech & Digital professionals open to new career opportunities on a remote or international relocation basis. Then we publish their resumes in an anonymized format and let companies find rigt candidates.

If an employer is interested in a specific candidate - they send a request via MobiTalents platform to get acquainted. If you, as a candidate, is interested in the position within the company - you approve the request and the employer gets you contacts, full version of the resume and can contact you directly.
  1. Explore new international career opportunities! Via MobiTalents you can find remote jobs in top international companies and both domestic or foreign startups. You can be also found by a foreign company that will hire you with a relocation package to a country of your dream.
  2. Respond only to those employers and positions in which you are interested. Each time an employer finds your anonymized resume, they send you a request via our platform. Your contact information will be provided to the employer only if you accept the invitation to get acquainted with the company.
  3. Are you in a passive search and is employed now? Don’t worry that your current employer will notice your resume on MobiTalents. All the resumes are published in an anonymized format and your contact and identification information is provided only to those companies you will approve.

In order to start exploring your new international career opportunities, please, fill in the form below. We will reach you back and make an interview with you. You will get your personal Career Manager from MobiTalents who will be in touch with you then regarding new positions and offers from employers.

We will reach you back using your contact information. You can also reach us using our direct contacts.