MobiTalents provides employers with access to a pool of Tech & Digital talents open to employment on a remote or international relocation basis

We are a new hiring tool, some sort of mixture of a hiring platform + a recruitment agency

We crowdsource Tech & Digital candidates using our network of freelance recruiters. We verify, pre-select and sort those candidates, publish their resumes and let employers easily find, reach & hire right talents using our easy-to-use platform

Employers pay MobiTalents only in case of hiring candidates:


Free Trial





8% commission

of annual gross employee's income

The first 50% of the commission is to be paid after 10 working days of a new employee. The second 50% of the commission is to be paid after (and only if) the employee passes a probation period of 3 months

All the candidates are sourced by different freelance recruiters and then verified, sorted and managed by MobiTalents' team

Use our Browse Talents section with smart filtering options and check talents that are available right now. Keep in mind that each day we add new candidates

Choose those candidates that you are interested in. You will get a full version of a resume with the candidate's contacts if he/she approves to speak to your company regarding specific positions

Interested in collaboration with MobiTalents as an Employer? - Let's have a call, get acquainted, and sign an Employer Agreement. We will accommodate your hiring needs!