Share the candidate you know and earn €1500 of referral commission

MobiTalents is a professional marketplace. We connect “recommendators” (people who know talented tech professionals (candidates) open to new career opportunities) with companies that need them (employers or recruiters).

We are focused on high-skilled and extremely demanded IT talents: Software Developers, DevOps Engineers, Big Data & Machine Learning Engineers and etc.

Everybody can publish such candidates on and offer them to a wide number of companies and recruiters in the market in exchange for “referral commission”.

Resumes should be anonymized. That means without any contact and personal information (name, photo, email, telephone number, name of companies candidate has worked for, etc.). But they should have your contact information instead in order to let companies and recruiters reach you if they are interested in a candidate you offer.

Companies and recruiters browse published candidates on via Browse Talents section. When they find somebody that needs – they contact the person who has offered the candidate. It can be you.

If you are contacted by a company that is interested in “your” candidate – just sign a short agreement with it. Then you will provide the contact information of your candidate. And the company will pay you a commission if your candidate fits it and it hires him/her. The basic conditions of the agreement are €1500 (15 000 SEK) if your candidate is hired and has passed the first “intro” period of 10 working days + €1500 (15 000 SEK) after he/she passes a 3-month probation period within the company. You can also fix your own conditions with a company (or an external recruiter) if it is needed. The draft of the “Referral agreement” will be provided by us after you will have submitted your first candidate filling in the form below.

MobiTalents currently publish anonymized resumes for free. The only thing we ask for – is either a “recommendation post” about our platform on your LinkedIn page or a repost of your candidate published on to LinkedIn.

Your next steps:

  1. Fill in the form below and send us an anonymized resume of your candidate (check how it can look like among those that are already published here)
  2. Leave your contact information. We will contact you to fix the final details and publish your candidate on then.
  3. Wait until some of the employers encounter your candidate posting and reach you in order to get the contact information of him/her and pay you a referral commission of €1500 (15 000 SEK) per hired employee.

We will reach you back using your contact information in order to clarify the final details and publish the resume of “your candidate”.