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About MobiTalents Job Board with positions for foreigners in Germany

MobiTalents – is a specialized job search platform which enables the process of finding jobs in Germany and employees abroad to flow easy and convenient. We publish positions from companies which are ready to hire foreigners, citizens of other countries. Positions are marked with language requirements, work permit and residence requirements, and job relocation options. We enable people to find interesting work and live where they want. And we help employers to expand the geography of the search for employees.

We help professionals to find work in Germany and live the life they want

Our main focus is Germany. We help talents from all over the world to find jobs in the strongest EU economy and relocate. MobiTalents suits candidates in different life situations, for example:

  • Relocation within the European Union – for example, from Poland to Germany;
  • Relocation from outside Europe into it, to Germany;
  • Search for a job in Germany by a foreigner who is already based in the country;
  • Remote job search for a position in a German company by a foreigner who is located somewhere else;
  • Etc.

In the modern global world, the boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred every year. Our generation has the opportunity to choose not only what to do, but also where to live. Now it is not necessary to tie yourself to one location for the whole life. We have the opportunity to change the places of residence. You can find a new job and move to other cities and countries. And Germany – is a good option to consider.

Possible restrictions which can influence the choice of a place of residence – the need to have permission to live and work in a particular country, as well as the knowledge of the local language. MobiTalents solves these problems. As it was said above – we offer jobs with residence and work permit granted by employers to foreign specialists. In addition, all our positions are marked with information regarding the languages a candidate should speak in order to apply for a position.

MobiTalents assists Employers in finding candidates

Dear employers,

The success of modern business directly depends on the team that you manage to assemble. And we know how it could be difficult to find all the necessary specialists at a local labor market.

We live in a new reality – the labor market is becoming global (like many other markets). Options for relocating employees from abroad and hiring remote specialists are more relevant today than ever before.

MobiTalents is the #1 resource where you can declare that your company is considering foreign candidates from abroad. Expand the geography of the search for candidates – post your jobs for free on MobiTalents.

You can also use our Pay per Hire service. In this case, MobiTalents’ recruitment team will handle all the process of searching the best candidates for your company.

Mobitalents Job Board with positions for relocation & work in Germany was created by a team of people who have an extensive background in both recruitment and international business. We feel the needs of the market and we are trying to make a product that would best meet current requirements and trends.

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