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MobiTalents – is specialized job board focused on non-Tech positions in IT Tech & Digital industries

There were so many job sites focused on international career opportunities for software developers… And no real one for business people from the Tech industry –  Sales, Marketing, Product, Customer Success specialists… We’ve decided to change the situation and launched MobiTalents Job Board.

Unlike other IT job boards, we focus on non-tech professional fields in IT, Online, Tech & Digital industries. Here you can find different kinds of popular and unique positions in technological companies and startups. Our job search is easy and convenient. No more need to rush around different local job sites in order to find an interesting position and career opportunity for you.

Industry focus

Tech, IT and Online industries are quite new and fast evolving ones. During the last 10 years, a lot of new positions and job roles have appeared. Some of them haven’t existed before – for example, User Acquisition or SMM Manager. Others – combine a set of skills typical for different traditional job roles. Product and Project Managers are a good example of such positions.

Our specialization gives us an opportunity to follow the tech sector and represent its industrial features, modern job roles, and even professional slang on our career portal. And we do it better than other conventional job boards.

Different non-Tech professional fields

  • Sales (Account Management, Business Development, Strategic Parterships);
  • Marketing (Advertising, PR, Content Management, User Aquisition, SMM, Analytics);
  • Product & Project Management;
  • Design (Art, UX, UI Design);
  • Quality Assurance; Customer Support; HR…

“Smart” and simple job search

Tech industry is really global nowadays. And its labor market starts to be the same. Our platform has a lot of advanced filters that enables cross-border job search to be convenient and easy-to-use:

  • Job title, keywords;
  • Location;
  • Professional field;
  • Essential job options and requirements:
    • Required languages;
    • Required residence;
    • Options for relocation;
    • Working visa provision if needed;
    • Remote job opportunities.

Opportunities to find job abroad and relocate

Relocation to another city or country – is a more and more popular career option nowadays. Especially within the global tech sector.

On MobiTalents all positions are marked with special labels that show whether an employer is ready to provide working visa sponsorship to a foreigner and help with relocation. Vacancies are also marked with required languages – it makes a job search easy and convenient.

On MobiTalents you can also find relevant information about life and work in different European countries and cities. We publish tips and advice for those who wish to relocate and are looking for a job abroad. We also make interviews with people who have already relocated to new locations and share their experience.

Various remote job options

Remote employment type is getting more and more popular. And it refers not only to Software Developers but also to Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support Specialists.

MobiTalents can connect a tech company which is based on one continent with an effective Business Development Manager who will work remotely and promote its services to clients on another continent.

An employer can easily find here a brilliant Advertising Specialist abroad with the knowledge of any local market.

Our job board is also the best place to search for Customer Support and Success Managers who speak exact languages.

Extended information about companies and locations

MobiTalents is a Tech industry job board. But it is also a comprehensive career portal. We help candidates to make a choice. The choice regarding where to live and what employer to choose.

Today people are not just looking for a job. They are looking for a fascinating life experience and a professional journey or challenge. Professionals wish to join a team of like-minded people and find new friends; to have fun at work not just boring office hours; to develop a business and grow it into a market leader; to have opportunities for advancement and get personal development… And we do everything in order to let candidates find what they want and as a result – work effectively and efficiently.

On Mobitalents you can find interesting facts about work in Tech, IT, Online and Digital industries. We make companies’ overviews, publish interviews with their employees and senior management. We let people know about the industry, its employers, jobs and career opportunities.

MobiTalents assists Employers in finding candidates

Dear employers,

The success of modern business directly depends on the team that you manage to assemble. And we know how it could be difficult to find all the necessary specialists in Tech & Digital industries.

MobiTalents Job Board is created to connect Tech, IT, Online and Digital companies and start-ups with professionals from all over the world. Our platform is free and easy-to-use. It is a great tool for you to find and reach candidates, that your company is looking for. Post vacancies for free on our website and get relevant applications and resumes.

In addition to posting your job openings, you can share the info about your company, its business, team and career opportunities to potential candidates. Moreover, through MobiTalents you can easily find specialists abroad and relocate them to your location or employ remotely.

Mobitalents job site with positions in the European Tech industry was created by a team of people who have an extensive background in recruitment, international business, and tech. We feel the needs of the market and we are trying to make the product that meets current requirements and trends.

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