MobiTalents – Professional Marketplace that Simplifies International Expansion

We connect companies that are willing to expand business internationally with foreign Sales & Business Development professionals as well as with local Resellers and potential Business Partners

For companies:

We provide companies and startups with a unique opportunity for a fast and smooth way of entering new markets and international business expansion.

  • With MobiTalents you can easily find and hire right Sales, Business Development, Affiliate, Strategic Partnerships, Customer Success Managers and etc. at any point in the World with the needed expertise, language, local market knowledge, established network of contacts. These professionals can be your oversees employees that will grow your business presence and get new clients in their regions.
  • Using our platform you can also reach foreign local firms, agencies, sales houses, and resellers that may become your business partners and will help your company get new foreign clients, promote or resell your products in their regions.

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For sales professionals:

Are you a sales professional that is ready to work for a foreign employer? With MobiTalents you have a great chance to explore international career opportunities and get a great job having as an “asset” your current location, native language, professional experience, previous background, and your network of contacts.

Maybe you haven’t thought about it before – but there are a lot of foreign companies that would eager to hire you. They just couldn’t find you earlier without MobiTalents… These companies will value your background and local experience higher, than those that are already well-established in your region.

Try our Job Search – you can easily find plenty of vacancies from foreign employers. Usage of different filtering tools will simplify the process – choose location, knowledge languages, type of job and etc. MobiTalents is made by salespeople for salespeople.

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For local businesses:

Do you have an established team and run a business serving clients in your region? You have a great chance to increase your profits by setting up a partnership with a foreign company that is willing to enter your market.

Yes, there could be hundreds of partnership opportunities that you even haven’t thought before. You have knowledge and experience of doing business in your region, established network of contacts, loyal customers, the team of employees. That means that your firm can start to be a reseller, agent, or local representative of the foreign company. You will increase your revenue and profits by cross-selling additional products or services to your current client base. You can also set up different types of joint ventures with foreign partners and start to be their local sales subsidiaries.

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For recruiters:

Are you an internal or external recruiter that is looking for Sales, Business Development, Account Management, or Customer Success professionals abroad? We know that is was quite complicated before… But now you have MobiTalents that fits exactly your cross-border candidates search needs. Just post your jobs for free and get applications from relevant candidates.

COVID-19 influences the way international sales are made today... And MobiTalents handle this challenge

International business travel is suspended, conferences and trade shows are banned

Before: Companies had sales teams located in head offices. Sales managers traveled a lot to reach foreign clients and set up smooth relationships with them. International conferences and trade shows were the main points of contact with foreign customers and partners. Businesses spent large sums of money on all those international sales activities…

From now on: COVID-19 Coronavirus epidemic influences the ways of doing business. A large amount of office employees has started to work from home. Remote employment option is getting more and more popular. But one of the greatest influences the Coronavirus epidemic has on international sales processes. Borders are closed and all international conferences and trade fairs are canceled. They were the main point of sales for B2B companies that do international business. And it seems that we going to live in such new circumstances for a lasting period of time…

MobiTalents is the cross-border salespeople hiring platform that lets overcome all these issues and facilitates international talent search and business development in foreign markets. Usage of our platform helps companies in the new COVID and post-COVID times find sales and business development managers abroad + local resellers and effectively reach foreign markets.

The story behind MobiTalents

Hi! I am Pavel, the founder of “MobiTalents” – cross-border sales professionals marketplace that simplifies international expansion connecting companies for foreign-based sales and business development managers + local resellers and business partners. The idea of creating such kind of cross-border hiring platform came up from the real needs of tech and digital businesses which are often globally-focused nowadays plus my own professional experience.

Back in 2012 having some experience in B2B sales and tech startups I founded a specialized recruitment agency “Sell Solutions” that was focused on searching and hiring sales talents. Our major clients were tech companies that needed sales, business development, and affiliate professionals in order to expand their business internationally. We successfully did our job finding the right talents and helping to onboard them to the head offices of the employers we worked with.

During the time we started to get more and more specific and unconventional requests from companies that sounded like: “Could you find a foreign local salesperson in Dublin/Berlin/Madrid/San Francisco and etc. to join our company on a remote basis?”. We tried to serve such requests. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not. But what we definitely find out – is that there was a big problem in the labor market and there was no practical easy-to-use solution to solve this problem. The problem of finding and hiring foreign local sales professionals on a remote basis.

The time has passed and in 2015 I found myself tired with the recruitment agency business and decided to explore international career opportunities in the tech industry. As a result, I was found and hired by a US AdTech company that was looking for a local Sales & Business Development Manager in Eastern Europe to take care of the territory and deal with clients based in the region. In order to find me and hire the company’s Talent Acquisition Department contracted an international recruitment agency located in London, UK. This recruitment agency subcontracted another Russian-speaking recruiter that was based in Russia and was familiar with the local labor market. This recruiter used a local job board in order to search for candidates and finally reached me as a sales professional with relevant experience and fluent English. It took the employer several months to find me and hire as a remote local sales executive and it cost the company quite a lot.

In 2019 the same story happened – an Israeli crypto-tech company that planned international expansion and needed local non-professionals with specific industrial background and market knowledge bumped into me and offered to be their remote business development manager being in charge of the Russian-speaking market. I wasn’t ready to accept their job offer and heard the story about how hard it was to find relevant sales talents in other countries…

At the beginning of 2020, I faced a similar case. One Swedish tech company planned to make an international expansion and they were looking for someone local in Russia with native Russian language and a network of contacts among digital advertising agencies in the region. The company was willing to hire me as its local Business Development Manager on a remote basis. That was their way of international expansion – hiring local salespeople with networks of contacts in different regions.

Additionally, during several years prior to the launching of MobiTalents, I had been asked a lot of times by companies and acquaintances of mine regarding the same question: could I help them find foreign sales and business development managers or resellers in different countries abroad. Those ones who are familiar with regional markets, speak local languages and have already existing network of contacts. I saw that cross-border salespeople search was quite a painful and exhausting job for companies.

Looking at companies’ needs, my own experience and the evidence that there was a gap in the market the idea of MobiTalents international salespeople hiring platform came up to my mind and we started to work on its development and launch.

The outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 made our conviction in the need for such international sales hiring marketplace even more evident. There are so many companies and startups emerging every month that focus their business activities internationally. But it has started to be harder to find overseas clients and set up effective relations with them now – international travel is suspended, conferences and trade shows, which used to be the main place of meeting with new clients, are ceased.

We’ve launched MobiTalents. Now every company can find effective Salespeople, Business Development Managers, and local sales partners abroad. And vise versa.

We are going to change the way international expansion have been made before!

Mobitalents – an international professional marketplace / cross-border salespeople hiring platform that is created by a team of people who have a wide background in international sales and recruitment. We feel the needs of companies and startups that undertake international expansion. And we know salespeople labor market very well. We make our best trying to make the product that meets current requirements and trends.

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