About MobiTalents Recruitment Agency

MobiTalents – is specialized recruitment agency focused on relocating professionals & remote employment

Hi! My name is Pavel. I’m the Founder and Senior Recruiter at MobiTalents.

We help companies and startups find IT, Tech & Digital talents abroad and hire them either via relocation or remote employment.

I and my colleagues had been working in international tech companies and startups at different positions for a decade when the idea of creating a specialized relocation recruitment agency came to my mind. We took our experience, industry knowledge and understanding of the needs of tech companies and decided to provide the best international recruitment service at an affordable price. And that is what we actually do now.

We are based in Russia and have unique access to a pool of experienced IT talents who are willing to relocate or work remotely. Our location, network of contacts and background allow us to effectively source candidates from all the “post-soviet” countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakstan, and others). And this is a really “lucrative” source of Tech & Digital talents.

Our prices are really affordable. We don’t charge enormous commissions on our recruitment services. The usual price of finding candidates with MobiTalents is about 9% of employee’s annual income.

MobiTalents deals with Tech and Non-Tech positions both:

  • Software Developers (Frontend, Backend, Mobile);
  • DevOps Engineers and System Administration Managers;
  • Big Data Specialists, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Developers;
  • Hardware Engineers;
  • Project Managers;
  • Quality Assurance Specialists.
  • Sales (Account Managers, Business Development Managers, Strategic Partnerships Specialists);
  • Marketing (Advertising, PR, Content Creation, User Aquisition, SMM);
  • Product Management;
  • Design (Art, UX, UI Design);
  • HR;
  • Customer Success/Support, etc.
We live in a new reality - labor market is becoming global

Tech industry is becoming really global. And its labor market follows the trend. When you search for new employees you compete not only with other companies in your location but also with employers from around the world. Options for relocating employees from abroad and hiring remote specialists are more relevant today than ever before.

Eastern Europe and Russia is a real mine of tech professionals. Companies from around the world hire them via relocation or remote employment. You should try to do the same.

MobiTalents assists employers in finding candidates in Eastern Europe

Dear employers,

The success of modern business directly depends on the team that you manage to assemble. And we know how it could be difficult to find all the necessary specialists in Tech & Digital industries.

MobiTalents connects Tech, IT, Online and Digital companies and start-ups with professionals from Eastern Europe and Russian-speaking countries. We will be happy to assist you in finding talents for relocation to your offices or for remote employment.

Our prices and conditions are really attractive. You will be happy with the service you get for the price you pay.

Our contacts:

  • @mobitalents (Telegram)
  • +7 921 752 70 74 (Phone and WhatsApp)
  • contact@mobitalents.com