How we work

We are recruiters and our job is to let you acquire new skilled employees in the most convenient and budget saving way.
The typical process of cooperation with us consists of several steps:
  • Initial contact; Skype-meeting in order to get acquainted, let us understand your needs, set up goals and discuss terms & conditions of our cooperation;
  • Second meeting/call (if needed) that will let us understand in more technical details what kind of employee you really need, what is his/her desirable background, who we should search for;
  • Then we carry out a market research, find relevant candidates for you, run first interviews with them, check their level of English (if needed). When we have somebody who fits your position and is ready to rellocate, we send his/her resume to you with our comments;
  • You run series of interviews with candidates we've sent you, they make test tasks (if needed). If there is anybody you really like - you make a job offer to him/her. The candidate accepts it and relocates to you country to work for you;
  • You pay for our services after a candidate has been relocated and started to work for your company. No prepayment. The fee is devided into two parts: the first one (50% of our comission) is paid a week after our candidate started to be your employee if everything is ok with him/her. The second one is paid 3 month later if he/she completes a probation period.
We are very flexible and can set up a process of cooperation which is convenient for you.
Important: You will like our pricing policy 🙂