We are focused on sourcing and relocation of IT professionals from Russia and Ukraine to the US and European countries as well as recruiting remote staff

We are specialized recruitment angency which is focused on filling employer's needs in high-skilled IT professionals.
We work for employers from the US and Europe and help them to find and bring in relevant IT talents from Russia and Ukraine. These are the conutries where really brilliant specialists in IT and software development could be found as employees. And we have a deep knowledge regarding how to find them and onboard to a western company.
We are deep inside tech industry. Cooperation with us is quite convinient and easy for an employer. We speak "one language" with employees and employers both.

About Us

Who we are

We are specialized recruitment agency. Small, but highly effective. We know the industry, its needs and people who can solve them. Our roots come from recruiting staff in Russia and Ukraine, and now we've started to be reliable partners for western employers

Our labour source

As you propably heared Russia & Ukraine have a large number of highly experienced IT professionals and Software Developers who are ready for relocation and work for a foreigh company. We know these guys pretty well. We can find relevant employees for you and bring them on board

What we do

We help employers from the US and Europe to find relevant IT professionals in Russia & Ukraine and either relocate them or employ remotly. We work as recruiters but also consult companies and their potential employees on different aspects of an onboarding process

Why to choose us

We can help you to bring up a team of relevant professionals letting you develop your product and growing your business at a fast pace. We have a deep industry focus on tech, more than 5 years of the relevant recruiting experience, expertise in local labor market and a really attractive pricing policy

Recruitment & Relocation services

If you are an employer who has a need in IT professionals and is ready to relocate them from other countries - we will help you to find relevant candidates in Russia or Eastern Europe, bring them to your country and employ

We are focused on all kinds of Software Developers and Software Engineers, DevOps and other technical positions, but we also have a deep experience in recruiting Marketing and Business Development professionals.
Just contact us. We will discuss with you your needs and a portrait of an empoyee you are looking for in details. Soon then you will recieve candidates who both fit your position and are willing to relocate to your country.
We don't send piles of resumes to employers. On the contrary, we use our tailor made approach in order to provide you with just several candidates but all of them will fit you well.
MobiTalents can be a reliable partner for you and your business.

Recruiting of remote staff

If you are going to hire remote employees in Russia or Ukraine - with MobiTalents is will be easy

You can buid up a remote department of your company abroad and gain advantages using professional workforce and lower salaries. We can find for you a specific talent or a team of talents who will work for you remontly in Russia or Ukraine.


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Павел СавинкинHi! I'm Pavel Savinkin - Senior Recruiter in our agency. As you know we are a small team of just 2 recruiters who are always open for communication. Feel free to contact me directly to discuss our possible cooperation or position you are interested in.
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